Are You ready for Full Spectrum Living?

Full spectrum living is not about maintaining a busy or full schedule. Full spectrum living is about fluidity, engagement, personal growth, and the ability to embrace a wide range of empowering experiences that help you consciously experience ALL of your life. It is easy to stay with the status quo and limit yourself to accept a conditioned tendency that everything is “okay.” By doing so, you miss out on your full potential to experience more; reward yourself with essential learning tools that can make life more vivid and rich. Are you ready to experience more and engage in the full spectrum of life?

Life is like a Kaleidoscope . . . full of rich color, patterns, turns, reflections.
Whole, broken apart, changing.
Creating beautiful new forms that reflect who we are.


Meet Your Coach

KerryHello, I am Kerry Little, founder of Kaleidoscope and your guide to Full Spectrum Living! I am dedicated to helping clients discover the best about themselves through one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements. I bring all of my professional knowledge and personal experiences together to treat my clients in an individualized and deeply caring manner. Non-judgmental, curious, and intuitive, I use all of my varied resources to help my clients achieve their individual goals.

I invite you learn more about Kaleidoscope, About Me, and to take the next step. It’s time for you to Engage . . . Inspire . . . Discover.
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This is where your work begins, with a simple question and a choice to engage in the creation of your life experience. Ask yourself, “Am I living the life that I know is possible for me?” Ask yourself, “Am I willing to create the life I know is possible for me?” Are you ready to ENGAGE? If so, read on.


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Take some time to connect with your vision. What are your desires, hopes, and dreams? What do you truly want for your life? Be INSPIRED by the possibilities that lie ahead. Let this inspiration drive you to action. And know support is available . . . a coach may be just what you need . . .


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You don’t have to do this all alone. Discover what is possible when you partner with a coach to co-create the life you dream of and deserve. The support you need is available for you. Contact me for a free consultation where you can DISCOVER a simple shift towards
full spectrum living!


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